For When You Absolutely Need The BEST!


     Dr. Calin Pop, MD Introduces...

      Power Source One!

 A Medical Grade Nutritional Supplement


Doctor Formulated For Top Mental and Physical Performance!

Who Is It For?


PSO is a product designed for Extremely Health Conscious People who already love and take high quality nutritional supplements. It is for the individual who always wants to stay in top shape and only chooses high end, top of the line products. It is for the discerning supplement lover who already takes supplements from 15 bottles. It is for health “fanatics” who only look for the best of the best. It is the “Ferrari” of Daily Supplements!


“I love Power Source One it makes me feel good. I don’t want to stop using it, it gives me a feeling of well being.  I don’t remember the last time I had a cold or body ache.”

Bernice H.

“Power source One has given me so much energy that I’m actually able to go out and work in the yard!”     

 Winifred R

“I don’t think I had a cold since I started on it 3 years ago. My husband is 93 and I am 85 years old.”  

Jane B.

“Before I started them I had absolutely no energy, just exhausted at slightest bit and after I feel fantastic life is really great.”

Shannon G 


“I’ve had no migraines since I started on the vitamins, that’s terrific in itself. Those are fantastic and I love them. They have helped immensely.”

Mary H.

What We Offer

The Most Potent Health Supplement on the Market Right Now!






High Tolerability

Great Testimonials

No Filles or Additives


MD Designed

Patent Pending

Extensive Research

Introducing "Power Source One"

Premium Daily Vitamins, Anti-Aging And Energy Supplements

Power Source One (PSO) is a state-of-the-art, powerful, nutritional supplement formula that will “make a difference”. It is a concentrated, convenient formula designed to cover all your daily needs in only One Bottle. Power Source One is a high impact, high-quality, pharmaceutical and medical strength, premium daily nutritional supplement.

It contains activated vitamins, minerals, anti-aging ingredients, anti-stress ingredients, herbal extracts, amino acids, flavonoids, detoxifiers, modulators, antioxidants, energizers and much more. This formula contains almost all the daily nutritional supplements needed for GREAT health, energy and longevity.

It is the BEST Daily Premium Multi-vitamin, Energy and Anti-Aging nutritional supplement in one bottle you can find anywhere.


When You Absolutely Need The BEST!

Choose Power Source One!

  • Exclusive Professional Formula
  • MD Designed And Recommended
  • Medical Strength, High Impact, Makes A Big Difference
  • Based On Extensive Medical Research
  • Unique Medical Formulation For All Daily Needs
  • Way Better than "Optimum" It Is In The "Power Zone"
  • Based On a NEW Multiple Genetic Variability Theory
  • Secret Is In The Ingredient Balance And Strength
  • Patent Pending In The USA


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The PDF version of “Dr. Pop’s Secrets of FATIGUE. Inspirational Health Advice for the Open-Minded”.

You will gain special access to my newly released book, which will show you ‘little-known’ yet effective natural ways to increase your energy levels. Now you can finally feel fully rejuvenated and energized every single day, using these perfectly safe and natural methods.



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Until now you likely take supplements based on what others occasionally recommend or based on what you see on TV. You don’t have a strategy at all about what supplements you need to take daily, which supplements are an utmost priority, what supplements you absolutely MUST take based on your age and how you need to structure your daily supplement intake. This report will provide all this and open your eyes!


BONUS #3: Boosting Secrets For Personal Power and Greater Energy Checklist ($47.97 Value)

These item checklists are my "golden nuggets" that have been garnered from my many years of research and medical practice. They are proven to increase your energy and mood.

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“There is no doubt in my mind that Power Source One has contributed to my wellness. I feel 100% better since I started taking it. I never slept well before, and since taking Power Source One I have been able to sleep and have so much more energy!”

 Nora C.

“Before taking Power Source One I was really, really tired and now I’m more focused and more energetic.”      

Cheryl L.







30d money back white


I personally guarantee that you’ve never had anything like Power Source One. If you don’t feel younger, stronger, more energized, happier and more in control within the next 30 days after using my Power Source One health supplement, simply return it to me, opened as it may be, and owe me nothing. I will give you a full refund, no questions asked, no hard feelings.