We Provide Internal Medicine and Primary Care in Spring Hill, FL
Now Serving Patients 55 and Older.


Calin V. Pop MD (Dr. Pop) specializes in guiding older patients through complex medical care.

We care about our patients! We are different. We are a medical office as it should be! We make a difference!

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If you have a complicated medical condition and want a fresh, new perspective call our office today!  When it comes to Internal Medicine and Primary Care in Spring Hill Florida, we are the first you should call!
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The longer you wait, the longer you health suffers.

Three Ways We're Different and How We Can Help You

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What We Offer

Get-back-to-health guidance, tools and support.

And, sometimes, just sometimes, when no health answer seems possible, and when conventional medicine failed...

We offer scientific, but somewhat un-conventional, little known, but highly effective treatments.



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What We Do

We offer consultations, comprehensive laboratory testing, we create get-back-to-health plans and don't stop until you do.

We offer same day appointments for established patients and in general tight and thorough medical care as it should be.

We are not a good match for healthy patients looking to come to office once or twice a year.

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Why Are We Different 

We can combine conventional medicine with some scientific and effective unconventional modalities

We perceive clearly what other doctors  overlook and provide fresh, simple, clear and practical solutions to a variety of health conditions

You will be happy you came here!



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Three Simple Steps To Better Health 

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Dr. Pop’s Secrets of Health

I am Dr. Pop, and I can be your doctor and guide in complicated medical conditions! 

In healthcare, things have become too complex and confusing, for you to figure it out by yourself in a short amount of time. Without help, a wise guide, and a step by step plan, unfortunately, you don’t really stand much of a chance!

It is my conviction that nutritional and lifestyle should be used as first line approaches for any chronic illness and that there is nothing merely complementary or alternative about it. The concept of lifestyle as medicine is the real driving force beneath all aspects of any meaningful health and patient care.


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