What We Do?

What Exactly Do We Do?

We provide simple and fresh angles to complicated medical conditions
In time, we guide people to better health, step by step
We are NOT an Urgent Care facility, only for "when you need doctor" *


We Provide:


  • World Class Primary Care
  • Exceptional, Personalized Medical Care
  • Functional and Integrative Medicine
  • Scientific Detoxification
  • Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements
  • Physician Designed, Medical Strength Supplements
  • Custom Nutrient Replacement Program Advice
  • Oxygenation Treatments
  • Specific Exercise Plans
  • Comprehensive Wellness Plans
  • Extensive Nutrient and Metabolic Analysis
  • Obesity and Overweight Recovery and Prevention Advice
  • Comprehensive Cardiac Evaluations (Stress Test, Echocardiogram, 24 Hour Monitor)
  • Cardiovascular Risk Factors Analysis and Modification
  • Hypertension Treatments
  • Stroke and Mini-Stroke Recovery and Prevention
  • Peripheral Vascular Disease
  • Shortness of Breath, Asthma
  • Thyroid Disorders Treatments
  • Natural Thyroid Supplementation
  • Arthritis and Joint Pains Relief
  • Exhaustion and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia Treatments
  • Scientific Hormone Evaluations
  • Extensive Toxic, Nutritional, Glandular and Infectious Evaluations
And... We Provide You Need!

Note from above:  *If you just want to come to fill your prescriptions and just to get by this is not the right place for you.