The Exhaustion Syndrome For Executives


Just like money, most of us just cannot get enough energy, and we look for shortcuts or quick fixes to get instant results. We turn to energy drinks, pills, boosters, and shots to give us that immediate boost or energy kick. The problem with these quick fixes is that they are only temporary and take a toll on us over time. As with most stimulants, the body becomes habituated to these, requiring more and more to achieve the desired results.

What if you could get all the energy you need, when you need it? How about having a continuous supply of energy, a constant reserve that you can always count on? The answer is fairly simple. In fact for most of us, improving our energy reserves often require simple changes in our daily habits and lifestyles. To sum it up, the answer to having a reliable reserve of energy does not lie in short-term, instant energizers or quick fixes but in making healthy choices.

Some of this advice you already know, but most of it you don’t. Myths and false concepts are by-passed and fast tracks to health are revealed.

Busy people want quick results. The busier we are the more resources and energy reserves we need. Most people want a quick, no nonsense overall review and checklist of what they can do to improve their energy. This is exactly what this book provides.


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Warning: Individual cases may vary. For difficult, complicated, severe, or unusual cases, please see a competent physician. This book central idea is permanent lifestyle changes! This is not for you if you are not committed to permanent lifestyle changes or looking for the latest gimmick! These ideas are not the standard of care or even the standard of thinking. If you are only seeking typical standard of care or expect standard treatments or suggestions, please DO NOT read this book.