The Perfect Order of Illness 

The Symbolic Message We All Need To Hear

Every specific symptom or illness has a very precise and specific cause. Symptoms and illnesses are informational packages in code, attempting to deliver to us very specific messages.

As we understand the illness code, in a highly symbolic language, we become aware of how we attract ill health and various symptoms. With awareness always comes empowerment.

The “Symbolic Message of Illness” is a concept developed by Dr. Pop twenty years ago. It stated that nothing is coincidental, and that any illness or symptom is but a highly symbolic message.

When we understand and use this message of illness, we will change the core of the illness for the better. The Symbolic Message of Illness is like a GPS system showing us constantly where we are, how we got there, and even how to get back on the map of health and illness.

This book was written by a Medical Doctor and goes into great detail explaining the deeper meaning of common symptoms and health conditions.

The core idea of this book is that all symptoms are informational messages. The messages are in a highly symbolic language, designed specifically to transcend the human language and logic.

These messages are universal and easy to interpret once you start learning the symbolic language. A whole new world of understanding and healing awaits you.


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