Dr. Pop's Lifeline Method



     A New and Unique Step By Step Method
        Reverse Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes.


        Health Coaches

What Is Dr. Pop's Lifeline Method for DIABETES?


Twelve Week health coaching program specially designed by Dr. Pop to be successful at reversing Diabetes* and Pre-Diabetes.

Why This Program?

Because even when a diabetic knows exactly what needs to be done, there is often no commitment or consistent action to reach the goals. This lack of accountability is a habit, and it will be a constant roadblock to any health success unless it’s eradicated and replaced by new, productive habits.

This is where the program comes to help!


        Health Coaches

Step By Step Guidance, Materials, Tools, Resources and Support will be provided.

Whether you are a Client/Patient or a Health Coach looking to expand into a great new field Dr. Pop’s Lifeline Method for Diabetes is right for you!

Have a guided attempt to conquer Diabetes.

Like climbing Everest, you need a highly trained guide!


          Health Coaches

*Type 2 Diabetes Only