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What Is Dr. Pop's Lifeline Method for DIABETES?


Dr Pop's Lifeline Method Is a Twelve Week health coaching program specially designed by Dr. Pop to be successful at reversing Diabetes* and Pre-Diabetes.

Each year, millions of people set health goals for themselves, but millions of those goals go unmet when people become sick, suffer, and even die. Why? There are basically two reasons:

  • They don’t know what they don’t know
  • They don’t have the right guidance, systems and accountability

This is where YOU can help!

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You can now offer Dr. Pop’s Lifeline Method for Diabetes (and Pre-Diabetes) based on the original ideas presented in Dr. Pop’s book The Secrets of Diabetes.

Imagine...  you having a group of new clients that can’t wait to have a weekly group coaching webinar each week.

These are YOUR CLIENTS that you can coach, advise and guide on how to improve their health!

You will see and hear measurable changes from them in a short time.

Your clients will have the option of doing before and after laboratory testing for their condition, they will be given specific instructions weekly, and state of the art nutritional supplements.

How can you do this?

It is simple! Join the new Dr. Pop’s Lifeline Method for Diabetes Certification Program and everything will be provided to you as a Complete Package!

Are you ready to stop wasting hours managing your business?

Start Getting More Traffic, More Customers & Boosting Your Business TODAY!

Love Dr. Pop’s Books and Want to Help Your Clients Experience Great Benefits? Become A Certified Coach! 


What You'll Receive

You will have a NEW and COMPLETE SYSTEM for you to use and run your new business.

  • Books
  • E Books
  • New Ideas
  • Guidelines
  • Training
  • Handouts
  • Plans
  • Strategies
  • Products
  • Charts
  • Materials
  • Checklists
  • Education
  • Coaching
  • Solutions
  • Concepts
  • Samples
  • Support

What Else Will You Get?

  • Sample Ads
  • Marketing Materials
  • Places To Advertise
  • Ideas for Joint Ventures
  • Getting Your First Meeting Up
  • Motivational Materials for Clients
  • Proprietary Nutritional Supplements

And...    ALL the SUPPORT You Need!

Yes, being a health coach requires commitment and some learning, and has it’s challenges, however, it could be a very rewarding career path for you.

You will learn to implement a lucrative a  Twelve-Week Lifeline Method For Diabetes Health Coaching Program which will guide, motivate, and hold clients accountable to their goals, aiming to reverse diabetes or pre-diabetes.

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