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In our experience, about 90% of people get results from our product. The relief occurs in a few hours or days. Most people experience a complete resolution of the cramps. We go so far as to say that if the cramps are not gone in four days, then they are not true muscle spasms. The pain may be from a different source (circulation for example).  This is why we offer the 100% Guarantee -- to give you plenty of time to see if it works for you.

Although everyone responds differently, most people see results within their first four day course.

Many doctors know that calcium/magnesium is important for muscle cramps, but they don't realize how important, and they don't know which calcium/magnesium forms actually work. Many believe that calcium/magnesium is just another mineral pill, available everywhere, ready and able to help you control your symptoms. In reality, lack of magnesium and lack of balance with calcium is the hidden reason why most people get muscle cramps. Only the correct formulation will alleviate your symptoms.

NOT AT ALL! Cramp Defense is intentionally formulated to take the day when you have cramps and three days after.

If and when you may have another cramp, whether this happens in two days, two weeks or two years, you take Cramp Defense again, for four days.


You always take Cramp Defense four a day for four days. All at the same time! Food or no food.

That’s it? Yes, That’s it!

Then you put it back on the shelf.

If and when you may have another cramp, whether this happens in two days, two weeks or two years, you take Cramp Defense again, four a day for four days.

Generally, yes, however it is a good idea to consult a specialist if you have any doubts. We do not give medical advice. Talk to your doctor!

Other products are manufactured all over the world by the lowest bidder. Cramp Defense® is made in the USA, in a multi-million dollar, 100,000 square foot facility. This facility is inspected by the FDA. Furthermore, our facility has voluntarily adopted a standard even higher than FDA inspection requirements, which requires the strictest levels of purity, precision and sanitation.


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