Designed and Formulated By Dr. Pop
Based on Extensive Medical Research

Power Source One

Power Source One (PSO) is a state-of-the-art, advanced Nutritional Supplement formula that will “make a difference”. Power Source One is a high impact, pharmaceutical strength, premium daily nutritional supplement, designed, used and recommended by Dr. Pop.

It contains activated vitamins, minerals, anti-aging ingredients, anti-stress ingredients, extracts, amino acids, flavonoids, detoxifiers, modulators, antioxidants, and energizers. Contains the daily  needed for GREAT health, energy and longevity.

Benefits of Power Source One (PSO)

Exclusive Professional Strength Formula

Significantly Boosts Your Energy

You never have to feel tired again! The amount of energy you’ll possess after taking Power-Source-One is Incredible.

Finally have the energy to work on your business, long-hours at work or have enough energy for exercise & gym or family time with no excuses!

Enhanced Mental Focus

Fatigue and brain fog contributes greatly to lack of focus. With Power-Source-One on your side, the multi-vitamins contained within will increase your focus and productivity monumentally!

‘Crunch-time’  focus and making critical decisions at work or in your business will never be an issue again!

Stress Relief and Better Mood

Never worry about handling stress again – whether it be work-related conflicts with your boss, or family related stress with children.

Power-Source-One contains active ingredients which drastically reduce the amount of stress experienced with your everyday lifestyle!

Slows Your Aging

The anti-aging elements contained within Power Source One are specifically designed to slow down your body’s natural aging process, allowing you to stay, look and feel younger for longer!

Power Source One Rejuvenates, Regenerates, and Recharges your “batteries”! It is one of a kind. 

The Best You Can Find!


The Good News Today You Can Get Your Hands On This...

Introducing "Power Source One"

Premium Daily Vitamins, Anti-Aging And Energy Supplements

Now you too can get your hands on this amazing, life-changing product. This product will allow you to not waste one more day tired and sluggish. The best part is that you can start doing it right now today. There's no waiting and only time is stepping between you and enjoying this piece of health and wellness history today.


When You Absolutely Need The BEST!

Choose Power Source One!

  • Exclusive Professional Formula
  • MD Designed And Recommended
  • Medical Strength, High Impact, Makes A Big Difference
  • Based On Extensive Medical Research
  • Unique Medical Formulation For All Daily Needs
  • Way Better than "Optimum" It Is In The "Power Zone"
  • Based On a NEW Multiple Genetic Variability Theory
  • Secret Is In The Ingredient Balance And Strength
  • Patent Pending In The USA

UNIQUE Features of Power Source One

It is medical doctor designed and formulated

Patent pending in the USA

Based on extensive medical research

Contains no fillers or additives

The secret is in the ingredient balance and strength

It is designed based on a NEW multiple genetic variability theory

It is tried on patients for years with great feedback

It is manufactured in the USA under GMP standards

Generally, PSO has no contraindications

It has great, impressive testimonials

It has high tolerability, low side effect profile

It is the best you can find anywhere


“I noticed a remarkable difference. My young people can’t keep up with me. I am a pastor. I work 60 hrs a week and I have more energy than a 30 year old!”

– Dave G.

“I have experienced remarkable benefits personally with energy and vitality, and I have taken supplements of all kinds for nearly 20 years. Yours have produced incredible results for me with my exercise, daily energy and mental sharpness.”

– Andy C.

“We are moving all the time but feel calm and centered. We now accomplish more… We were sluggish but now we are improved and full of good energy. Our memory is better and sharper.”

– Anita F.

“Since I take the supplement I never had a problem. I am never sluggish and my staff can’t keep up with me. I move all the time and I am very energetic ever since. Most of my elders who advise me tell me to slow down!”

– David G.

“There are very few products in my life that I liked like Power Source One!”

– James D.

“My wife and I have literally Never felt better, and we have used a lot of different supplements and “super food” products from all of the MLMs and many natural food distributors. These are truly unique.”

– Andrew C


100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Power Source One comes with a full 30 day Money Back Guarantee. If at any point within that time frame you feel it isn't for you, simply contact our customer service department and we'll promptly refund your purchase.  If you are like the rest of our customers, we know you'll absolutely love it.