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Spring Hill Internal Medicine physician, Calin V. Pop, MD specializes in customized solutions for patients. Dr. Pop is dedicated to improving  quality of life through comprehensive approach to evaluation, diagnosis and medical treatments. For the health conscious individual. Dr. Pop makes a difference!

Fundamentals Of Health 

A Series of Cornerstone Articles on Health and Wellness

Before you start any health and wellness program read these articles to find more about what is absolutely necessary for good health.

Power Source One

Exclusive Professional Formula Daily Multi-Supplement

Designed by Dr. Pop based on extensive medical research and manufactured in the USA, Power Source One (PSO) is a high impact, unique formula of premium daily vitamins,minerals, energy and anti-aging supplements designed to cover all your needs into one bottle.This patent pending formulation is based on a "power zone" secret balance of ingredients and a new multiple genetic variability theory of Dr. Pop.