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BONUS #1: The TRUTH About Colloidal Silver and Gold PDF        ($47.97 Value)

You will gain special access to my newly released book, which will explain to you the properties of colloidal silver and gold and will attempt to clarify the many misconceptions related to colloidal silver. The book reveals the shortcomings of the flaky science that permeates this subject and the inferior, but much hyped colloidal products available on the market.


BONUS #2: A Strategy - How To Choose The BEST Colloidal Silver PDF ($27.97 Value)

Until now you likely take colloidal silver - or are afraid to take - based on what others occasionally recommend or based on what you read on the internet. You don’t have a strategy at all about what kind of colloidal silver you may take daily, which colloidal silver products are available, which are hyped and what all those terms you hear often actually mean. This report will provide all this and open your eyes!


BONUS #3: Action Checklist  For Personal Power and Greater Energy Checklist ($47.97 Value)

These item checklists are my "golden nuggets" that have been garnered from my many years of research and medical practice. They are proven to increase your energy and mood.

They are designed to help you increase your mental focus and begin every daily task at your peak.


BONUS #4: Dilution Guidelines ($15.00 Value)


This dilution guidelines will allow you to design and make your on custom colloidal silver concentration or PPM.

Make any amount of PPM you want up to 20,000 PPM.

Dilute Your colloidal silver concentrate down to the exact number of PPM you want.