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The “Miraculous Three”: Vitamins, Minerals, and Amino Acids


Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids(AA) keep us alive. They are essential to life, and missing even one of them creates a domino effect in our bodies that can result in the worst consequences. The “miraculous three,” as I like to call them, are great, but unfortunately, due to propaganda and false claims and also because of intentional confusion in the marketplace, vitamins, minerals, and AA are sorely misunderstood and misused. They are essential and necessary. When taken properly, they have the ability to work miracles. By “properly,” I mean the right kind, the right amount, and the right mixture.

I myself am a huge vitamin and nutritional supplements fan and have been for over twenty years. Most inexpensive or even average supplements are of extremely poor quality, with insufficient dosage amounts and questionable ingredients. It is no wonder no one is going crazy over them; they have not experienced all the miracles the good, proper rendition of the miraculous three.

Marketing in this day and age is simple: Everyone is on the lookout for profits, focused on the bottom line. The sad and the bad news is that the approach also involves many health products. In order to keep up with this commercial game, most formulations on the market are designed to be inexpensive to the customer, but still offer the manufacturer a huge profit margin.

The powers-that-be play this commercial game in order to maximize the profit margins of the sellers.I could spend weeks talking to you about the tricks and the intentional obstacles conventional medicine and Big Pharma employs, placing propaganda in the media, manipulating legislation, and confusing consumers. Ultimately, because of this, we fearfully avoid supplements altogether or do not use them at their full power.

Why is this the case? The answer is simple. Proper use of sufficient, powerful vitamins, minerals, and AA will represent real competition for the huge, wealthy pharmaceutical companies and the medical industry, resulting in a massive loss of business. They take this very seriously, as anyone in a monopoly would. The trouble is that in this nasty, greedy mix, your health is considered the expendable risk.

Why would any manufacturer bother to make a good product at a higher cost, with fewer potential buyers, when they can make a poor-quality one and earn more profit, with guaranteed profits for other business when the product fails? Unfortunately, this is how everything works today in the big corporate world, and healthcare is not immune.

Let me be clear: Vitamins, minerals, and supplements in high enough doses many times outperform conventional healthcare treatments and even prescription medications. This is not information that the public is made privy to. False studies with tinkered-with results, false media claims, criminal legislation, and even physical suppression of vocal doctors has been used as part of the successful arsenal to silence the truth.

Yes, even in the twenty-first century, in a society that is supposed to be advanced and civilized, there still exists inquisition-style prosecution of many alternative doctors and therapies,especially if their methods and approaches have had the audacity to prove successful in the treatment of illness that are big business cash cows.

Supplementation with vitamins, minerals, and AA is even more effective when you undergo a blood test prior to taking them. This will offer you scientific evidence of what you are lacking, so extremely accurate and customized supplementation is then possible. When blood tests are properly performed, you can take more of the nutrients you are missing. We do these kind of tests as part of our VIP healthcare programs.

Can You Take Too Much?

The media loves this concept, that you can take too much and that the supplements can harm you. They have no problem purporting that you can take too many supplements and suffer severe consequences because of it. Behind this idea is an obvious agenda and motive: They do not want anyone to take good doses let alone high doses of supplements, because if those supplements prove effective, they will interrupt the business interests of Big Pharma, a very powerful force indeed.

Thus, the media intentionally and periodically confuse the general public with well-placed propaganda “bombs” based on nothing more than speculation and greed. They know well that confusion will keep people from buying a product, so they intentionally confuse the public to accomplish this goal.

The truth is that virtually every person has a deficiency in some vitamins, minerals and amino acids; no one is naturally too high in any of these, not even if someone takes a “mega-dose”. Your deficiency of one or another nutrient depends on many factors, including: diet, genetic makeup, medications, pollution, etc.

The media may act as if they are truly and sincerely concerned and worried about people taking too much, and public safety. However if their allegations would even be partially true there would be lots and lots of people dead or seriously injured by now. The sheer true reality is that while half the population takes supplements, there are no dead bodies to sustain the claim that vitamins will harm you. Not only that there are no harmed people but the better quality and potency supplements people use, the better and healthier they are.

The reality is that everyone has one or more vitamins or nutrient deficiencies based on their genetic makeup. No one is naturally too high.Based on false media claims and lies by manipulative people in the medical community everyone is afraid to take any amount of supplements for the fear of taking too much.

In other words most people are deficient, but they fear having too much, which does not make logical sense.

Some people hide behind an affirmation that goes like this: “I don’t like to take pills”. The meaning behind this statement is “What else have you got available?” Or it may mean: “I do not believe in the value of medication or supplements and I do not feel like spending money on them”.

Well, the answer is that you can NOT cherry pick your way to health. These affirmations are similar with: ”I don’t like to eat healthy” or “I don’t like to exercise”. I am sorry, but there is a place and time to do the right thing in the right order. If you are not willing, well you are kind of… out of luck.

What Daily Supplements Should You Take?

I like to divide our needs in different categories. It took me many years of work and research to understand this concept, and it will serve you well if you apply it. The following is a strategy of what kind of supplements you should take in what priority.

If you do not apply a strategic priority to your supplements you will be drawn to buy the latest fashionable supplement from the latest media advertisement, always chasing the latest shiny object. This happenstance strategy will get you nowhere and will not have a systematic positive impact on your health, energy and longevity.

We always start with the Foundation or Tier I Supplements which is for EVERYONE. This is for young or old (not for kids though), men and women.

Tier I Supplements: The Foundation of nutritional supplementation
It contains four elements and is not to be changed and modified at any time.

  • A Great Multi: Multi Vitamin, Minerals , amino acids, herbal extracts, etc.; For example Power Source One at a dose of 6-8 a day;
  • It is available at
  • Magnesium 500-1,000mg a day (not oxide).Glycinate is best.
  • Fish Oil or other oils 1-2 a day (good quality EPA 2,000 mg total is ideal)
  • Vitamin C 1-2 a day (1,000 mg capsules, never chewables)

Tier II Supplements is for over 55 years of age and consists of the following

supplements in addition to the Foundation.

  • Vitamin D 5 -10,000 IU/day with Vitamin K2, keep blood levels 70-90.
  • Vitamin E :6-800 IU of alpha activity. Make sure you take mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols and NOT just alpha tocopherol.
  • Probiotics (20 billion or more)
  • Digestive enzymes with each meal
  • If over 55 years old or if chronically tired, take Vitamin B12, 1 mg injections i.m. at least monthly for the rest of your life.
  • Melatonin before sleep according to how many decades you lived. Ex. if you are 55, then take at least 5 mg, if 72 year old take at least 7 mg.

Tier III Supplements is for specific conditions or further wellbeing:</br

  • Antioxidants, anticancer supplements (sulphoraphane, DIM, blueberries, spirulina/chlorella, Vitamin E with mixed tocopherols, etc.)
  • CoQ10 (ubiquinol form) the more the better, alpha lipoic acid
  • Supplements for special conditions like arthritis, cardiovascular, mental wellbeing, etc.

If your illness, fatigue, or tiredness is advanced then use the following:

  • Magnesium Glycinate 400 mg
  • Ubiquinol 200 mg
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) 600 mg twice a day
  • L-Carnitine 2,000 mg
  • D Ribose 5-10 grams

It is crucial that the foundation (and Tier II for those in their later years) are never overlooked or substituted. In other words, the foundation must stay the same. You can build upon it, but never punch holes in a foundation. You should not say, “I take CoQ10 or Resveratrol or something else, so I don’t need Vitamin C.” Vitamin C must remain part of your foundation, and you can take more if necessary, but it should not be eliminated. For the older generation, Tier II should also be constant, even though Tier III can be adjusted, depending on the specific conditions you may be suffering from.

Minerals and amino acids can be taken separately or specially-mixed and prepared for you by compounding pharmacies which are companies that specialize in creating safe, customized, healthy nutrient and prescription medications combinations. At this point in time compounding pharmacies are under heavy regulatory and legislative attack and is not clear how long they will be able to stay in business.

What Makes a Great Multivitamin?

A GREAT multivitamin and multi nutrient supplement is far superior to a good one. It is certainly not cheap, or junk, or full of unnecessary, useless fillers. A Great multi is a multi that can make a difference.

One a day or two a day supplements are never powerful enough to be Great Multi. The more a day the better, however as you pass 10 a day there is usually green powder or dry vegetables added to the formula. The sweet spot of power seems to be anywhere between 6 to10 a day.

In addition to looking at the recommended number of daily pills, check the label for B vitamins. B1 or B6 should be 35 to 50mg or higher, ideally close to 100mg. For more sophisticated evaluators,see if the product includes activated B vitamins like benfothiamine, P5P, etc. This is rare, as these are expensive ingredients, however you will occasionally run across some of them in your search.

Naturally, we strongly recommend Power Source One, a great formula developed and designed over a period of ten years by Dr. Pop, the author of this book. It is the most powerful daily nutritional supplement on the market; it contains more than fifty high-dose, high-quality ingredients and everything you may need on a daily basis. It is the ideal consideration for the first spot in the foundation, that of a Great Multi.

This nutritional supplement is so powerful that one bottle of Power Source One offers the equivalent nutritional value of twenty-three bottles of other high-end supplements. It is well tolerated by most patients, and many positive testimonies have been reported by the people who are using it.


  • Due to lot of propaganda, false claims, and intentional confusion in the marketplace, the miraculous three—vitamins, minerals, and amino acids—are sorely misunderstood and misused.
  • Vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are essential for our existence.
  • Be wary of low-quality products in market, as well as false claims in the media.
  • Power Source One, which we call the Ferrari of Nutritional Supplements, is available online at Use it yourself for a month and feel the difference.